Photography Helps Bring people Together

The key to planning a successful event is watching people enjoy each other in a festive environment. This usually happens when there is an enticing selection of food available and the room is filled with the sounds of laughter. However, guests need activities to fill their time. They need something to do, in addition to walking around looking for familiar faces to meet up with.

One thing that most guests enjoy is having their photograph taken. Unlike the days of old, a photo that is snapped at a party can be uploaded to social media websites almost immediately. This gives friends and family a chance to see just what everyone is up to. Due to the fact this is so popular, many party planners like to set up a photo area in an area of the room.

They generally only have one, because the photo booth Tampa bay event planners are used to is quite large and cumbersome. These traditional booths take up an entire corner, making it a closed area somewhere in the back of the reception hall. In addition, the photobooth Tampa party goers have seen at weddings and formal parties only fits two people at a time. This strictly limits the number of people in the shot and makes for some awkward situations.


What is needed is an open air photo center. Somewhere for one or more people to have their photograph taken, without the fear of claustrophobia. For young people who are so accustomed to using touchscreen technology, the ability to simply press on a screen is akin to how they use their own smart-phones and tablets. To make any photo more fun, being able to take a picture in front of a “green screen” enables party guests to use the same technique used in famous Hollywood movies.

Socialsnap Studios has brought this technology to the general public and the results are nothing short of amazing. The photobooth Tampa party planners can now rent, lets their guests take their photograph without the use of confining booths. From a large flat screen, everyone can snap their own photograph and send it to their social media account.

Should they wish to be photographed in front of such backdrops as the Eiffel Tower or the Great Pyramid, all it takes is a snap. There is no better way to bring a sense of frivolity to any personal, public or corporate event. To learn more and see this high tech system in action, visit the website at Plant City photo booth.

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